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HFS FacilityService is your real service partner with pure conscience. We provide quality and sustainable service solutions and give us time to create a trustworthy collaboration with your company. Welcome!

HFS FacilityService offers 360 degree facility solutions for your company. We provide reliable service including business cleaning, crafts, craftsman cleaning, caretaker services, staircases, window cleaning, plant services, and measurement solutions and cleanings. In addition, we have a webshop where you can find everything in cleaning supplies, machinery, stationery and equipment to ensure you have a clean everyday life.



At HFS, quality and satisfaction are a key word for everyday life. We take pride in providing our customers with reliable and impeccable service based on trustworthy cooperation. We grow our customers and we take the time to get around all corners of your wishes and needs. This is reflected when we adapt the elements of our facility service, where we also ask questions about your business needs, so you get the optimal facility solution. This makes HFS Facility Service your real service partner.

HFS Facility Service has more than 10 employees cleaning staff and own handyman. In addition, we have a number of subcontractors in skilled craftsmen, and we strive to always serve the same staff team. It creates trust between us and allows our employees to work out in the details of the facility solutions. We have a flat organization where the managers are not behind the desk, but are out with our customers or with our employees. Everyone in HFS Facility Service has the freedom to propose new ways to do things for the benefit of our customers.

Price and quality are related. HFS Facility Service is not one of the cheapest suppliers, but on the other hand, we guarantee quality in all our services, the use of environmentally friendly products and proper conditions for our employees. As a company, we are very aware of sustainability. Therefore, we use as swan-labeled cleaning products as possible, which protects the environment. This ensures you fewer hazardous chemicals in your daily life. In addition, it is important for us to be socially sustainable and therefore all our employees are organized. It gives them good relationships in everyday life, resulting in happy employees – and happy employees provide the best service for your company.

Thus we deliver facility solutions with pure conscience

With best regards

Peter Mortensen

Founder & Owner of HFS Facility Service


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